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The Answers to the 2013 Food Quiz

Here are the answers to the 2013 Food Quiz...

Thank you to everyone who supported this quiz. It has been my best supported quiz so far, but we didn't quite make the £10,000 target as you can see here, so I'll have to do another quiz! Watch this space!

Here are the annotated answers to the 2013 Food Quiz. I'll announce the winners as soon as I can.

1. …can mix energy into Hovis. (9)  Anchovies

Anagram (mix) of ‘can’ = ANC + ‘energy’ = E ‘into’ ‘hovis’ = HOVIES

2. I peel badly after string is removed from strapping. (5)  Apple Pie

Anagram (badly) of ‘I peel’ = LE PIE ‘after’ ‘string is removed from strapping’ = APP

3. Hindu God abandons Fahey, Woodward, and Dallin. (6)


‘Hindu God’ = RAMA ‘abandon’s ‘Fahey, Woodward, and Dallin.’ who were Bananarama leaving BANANA

4. Confused, I scream a bit… (7,4)

Basmati Rice

Anagram (confused) of ‘I scream a bit’

5. …being around badly fried pea puree starters. (4,8)

Beef Dripping

‘Being’ = BE ING ‘around’ anagram (badly) of ‘fried = EF DRI + ‘pea puree starters’ = PP

6. Time between insect and origin. (8)


‘Time’ = T ‘between’ ‘Insect’ = BEE ‘and’ ‘origin’ = ROOT

7. Boycott dessert. (5,7)

Black Pudding

‘Boycott’ = BLACK, ‘dessert’ = PUDDING

8. Lie about in an unfinished Spanish wine warehouse opening good sherry. (6,4)

Boiled Eggs

‘Lie about’ = ILE ‘in’ ‘an unfinished Spanish wine warehouse’ = BODEG[a] + ‘opening [letters of] good sherry.’ = GS

9. Dan gets involved with nasty indebted pub drug rat. (5,3,6,7)

Bread and butter pudding

‘Dan’ = DAN in anagram (nasty) of ‘ indebted pub drug rat’

10. Smash alters face badly. (9,6)

Breakfast Cereal

‘Smash’ = BREAK + anagram (badly) of ‘alters face’ = FAST CEREAL

11. Strange abode is coated with brans. (5,5)

Broad Beans

Anagram (strange) of ‘abode’ = OAD BE ‘coated with’ ‘Brans’ = BR ANS

12. It’s placed between the thighs and played, but holds Ann in the wrong way around! (10)


‘It’s placed between the thighs and played’ = CELLO, ‘but holds Ann’ giving CANNELLO + ‘in the wrong way around’ = NI

13. Crew returns into hole. Facile Sue is confused. (11,6)

Cauliflower Cheese

‘Crew returns’ = WER C ‘into’ anagram (is confused) of ‘hole Facile Sue’ = CAULIFLO HEESE

14. Fluffed her cue with Seb’s entry before Reg returns. (12)


anagram (Fluffed) of ‘her cue’ = CHEE UR ‘with Seb’s entry’ giving CHEESEBU ‘before’ ‘Reg returns’ = GER

15. Elegant Yank eats informally. (7,5)

Chicken Satay

‘Elegant’ = CHIC + anagram (informally) of ‘Yank Eats’ = KEN SATAY

16. Corrupt Ken - a sick hack at Mail. (7,5,6)

Chicken Tikka Masala

Anagram (corrupt) of ‘Ken - a sick hack at Mail’

17. Rich zoo is rebuilt. (7)


Anagram (is rebuilt) of ‘Rich Zoo’

18. Mild Agnes in Spain. (11)


‘Mild’ = CLEMENT, ‘in Spain’ ‘Agnes’ is INES

19. Ogre heartlessly came after company doctor. (3,3)

Cod Roe

‘Ogre heartlessly’ = OE ‘comes after’ ‘company’ = CO ‘doctor’ = DR

20. Den returned with Bee in Corfu but initially without Una. (6,4)

Corned beef

‘Den returned with Bee’ = NED BEE ‘in’ ‘Corfu but initially without Una’ = COR F

21. Callus maybe riding a horse? (4,2,3,3)

Corn on the cob

‘Callus’ = CORN ‘maybe riding a horse’ = ON THE COB

22. In Cork one eccentrically finds country style. (10,7)

Coronation Chicken

‘Country’ = NATION, style = CHIC ‘in’ anagram (eccentrically) of ‘Cork one’ = CORO KEN

23. Directions about Latin with new crab dish recipe. (8,10)

Cucumber Sandwiches

‘Directions’ = CUES ‘about’ ‘Latin [for] with’ = CUM + anagram (recipe) of ‘new crab dish’ = BER SANDWICH

24. Sugar starts to abandon major electrical retailer. (5)


‘Sugar starts’ = S ‘to abandon’ ‘major electrical retailer’ = CURRYS giving CURRY

25. Fish stuffed by one berk cooking. (5,5)

Doner Kebab

‘Fish’ = DAB ‘stuffed by’ anagram (cooking) of ‘one berk’ = ONER KEB

26. Party meal Bruce cooked. (6,5)

Double Cream

‘Party’ = DO + anagram (cooked) of ‘meal Bruce’ = UBLE CREAM

27. Thomas, for example, tours fancy US College. (6,10)

Double Gloucester

‘Thomas for example’ = DOUBTER ‘tours’ anagram (fancy) of ‘US College’ = LE GLOUCES

28. Leo’s got drunk on port. (5,4)

Dover Sole

Anagram (got drunk) of ‘Leo’s’ = SOLE ‘on’ ‘port’ = DOVER

29. Can Dee arrange to be taken in by nobleman? (6,4)

Dundee Cake

Anagram (arrange) of ‘can Dee’ = NDEE CA ‘‘taken in’ by ‘nobleman’ = DU KE

30. Organised free cider gig. (3,5,4)

Egg Fried Rice

Anagram (Organised) of ‘free cider gig’

31. Just carbon-free cack inside you! (5,4)

Fairy Cake

‘Just’ = FAIR, ‘carbon’ = C so ‘carbon-free cack’ = CAK ‘inside’ ‘you’ = YE

32. Strange feat. (4)


Anagram (strange) of ‘feat’

33. Standard set - able one breaks. (9,5)

Flageolet Beans

‘Standard’ = FLAG + anagram (breaks) of ‘set able one’

34. Magritte begins to return to Belgian battlefield wood. (6,5)

Gammon Steak

‘Magritte begins’ = Mag ‘to return’ giving GAM, ‘Belgian battlefield’ = MONS, ‘wood’ = TEAK

35. Tabloid newspaper retracted ‘Ape Dens’ story. (6,4)

Garden Peas

‘Tabloid Newspaper’ = Rag ‘retracted’ giving GAR + anagram (story) of ‘Ape Dens’ = DEN PEAS

36. Idiot follows a third person on a couple’s date. (10,4)

Gooseberry Fool

‘Idiot’ = FOOL ‘follows’ ‘a third person on a couple’s date’ = GOOSEBERRY

37. French author follows a snake-haired sister. (10)


‘French author’ = ZOLA ‘follows’ ‘a snake-haired sister’ = GORGON

38. Lou is badly engulfed in a long deep wound. (7)


Anagram (badly) of ‘Lou’ = OUL ‘engulfed in’ ‘a long deep wound’ = GASH

39. Gala Day initially hides smells. (5,5)

Greek Salad

‘Gala’ = GALA, ‘day initially’ = D giving G ALAD ‘hides’ ‘smells’ = REEKS

40. Nasty gory geek caused pain. (5,7)

Greek Yoghurt

Anagram (nasty) of ‘gory geek’ = GREEK YOG, ‘caused pain’ = HURT

41. Serge endlessly returns to sing “Cut away around messy mud!”. (11,4)

Gressingham Duck

‘Serge endlessly’ = Serg ‘returns’ giving GRES + ‘sing’ = SING + ‘cut away’ = HACK ‘around’ anagram (messy) of ‘mud’ = M DU

42. Throw basket shut with Ali inside. (7,6)

Halibut Steaks

Anagram (throw) of ‘basket shut’ = ‘H BUT STEAKS’ ‘with’ ‘Ali’ = ALI ‘inside’

43. Hullo. I am wild. (8)


Anagram (wild) of ‘Hullo I am’

44. #GordonAndSarah (4,6)

Hash Browns

‘#’ = HASH, ‘GordonAndSarah’ are [the] BROWNS

45. Heartless Johnny overwhelms Gaelic ruling family members. (6,6)

Jersey Royals

‘Heartless Johnny’ = JY ‘overwhelms’ ‘Gaelic’ = ERSE giving JERSEY + ‘ruling family members’ = ROYALS

46. I’m fighting for breath after preparing true Raj meals. (9,9)

Jerusalem Artichoke

‘I’m fighting for breath’ = I CHOKE ‘after’ anagram (preparing) of ‘true Raj meals’ = JERUSALEM ART

47. Hem in Keith Richards initially mid-week. (8)


‘Hem’ = EDGE ‘in’ ‘Keith Richards initially’ = KR giving KEDGER + ‘mid-week’ = EE

48. Sneaked in by stealth. (6,5)

Kidney Beans

Anagram (stealth) of ‘Sneaked in by’

49. Ed stuffs pig on stake to be cooked. (4,6,8)

King Edward Potatoes

‘Ed’ = EDWARD ‘stuffs’ anagram (be cooked) of ‘pig on stake to’ = KING POTATOES

50. They are found on board both around the monarch and following the monarch. (4,6)

King Prawns

‘They are found on board’ [chess board] = PAWNS ‘around’ ‘the monarch’ = R ‘and following the monarch’ = KING

51. Ban spa activity inside a London drama school. (4,7)

Lamb Pasanda

Anagram (activity) of ‘Ban spa’ = B PASAN ‘inside’ ‘A London drama school’ = LAMDA

52. Droop inside Lana! (7)


‘Droop’ = SAG ‘inside’ ‘Lana’ = LANA

53. Shelter Kevin Spacey initially. (5)


‘Shelter’ = LEE, ‘Kevin Spacey initially’ = KS

54. Made Gershwin leading conductor after Klemperer emigrated. (7,4)

Madeira Cake

‘Made’ = MADE, Gershwin = IRA + ‘leading’ [first letters of] ‘conductor after Klemperer emigrated’ = C A K E

55. Poorly in Paris after twisting arm. (9)


‘Poorly in Paris’ [where French is spoken] = MALADE ‘following’ anagram (twisting) ‘arm’ = MAR

56. Oasis is missing in island - race after first mentioned island. (5,5)

Melba Toast

‘Oasis [with] is missing’ = OAS ‘in’ ‘island race’ = [Isle of Man] TT giving TOAST ‘after’ ‘first mentioned’ = M ‘island’ = ELBA

57. Made camp move - complaint followed. (6,4)

Minced beef

‘Made camp move’ = MINCED, ‘complaint’ = BEEF

58. Prepared red banana (4,5)

Naan Bread

Anagram (prepared) of ‘red banana’

59. After Nando’s opens, lots follow. (7)


‘lots’ = OODLES ‘follow’ ‘Nando’s opens’ = N

60. Shortening pasta first really annoys most Italians. (8)


‘Shortening pasta’ gives PAST, ‘first’ [letters of] ‘really annoys most Italians’ = RAMI

61. Blame cheap alternative. (5,5)

Peach Melba

Anagram (alternative) of ‘Blame cheap’

62. Britten lover. (5)


[Benjamin] ‘Britten’ was loved by [Peter] PEARS

63. Randomly fill plates with ice. (6,7)

Plaice Fillets

Anagram (randomly) of ‘Fill plates’ & ‘ice’

64. Corrupt cop is involved in pornography. (7)


Anagram (corrupt) of ‘cop’ = OPC ‘involved in’ ‘pornography’ = PORN

65. Half of Orkney and Switzerland shortly pops round. (4,5)

Pork Chops

‘Half of Orkney’ = ORK ‘Switzerland shortly’ = CH ‘pops’ = POPS ‘around’.

66. Left at sea, the Queen accommodates Kate getting smashed! (11,5)

Porterhouse Steak

‘Left at sea’ = PORT, ‘the Queen’ = ER, ‘accommodates’ = HOUSES + anagram (getting smashed) of ‘Kate’ = TEAK

67. Made up quote to Spectator. (6,10)

Potato Croquettes

Anagram (Made up) of ‘quote to Spectator’

68. Members of the proletariat mob appropriate hero who’s been beheaded. (12)


‘Members of the proletariat’ = PROLES, ‘mob’ [surround] ‘appropriate’ = FIT ‘hero who’s been beheaded’ = ERO

69. Sun-God Vessels. (8)


‘Sun-God’ = RA, ‘Vessels’ = DISHES

70. Continental broadcaster transgresses. (7)


‘Continental broadcaster’ = RAI, transgresses = SINS

71. Refines bread recipe. (7,5)

Refried beans

Anagram (recipe) of ‘Refines bread’

72. Bone looks at wood. (3-3,5)

Rib-eye Steak

‘Bone’ = RIB, ‘looks at’ = EYES, ‘wood’ = TEAK

73. Eric’s confused a lad. (4,5)

Rice Salad

Anagram (confused) of ‘Erics’ = RICE S + ‘a lad’ = ALAD

74. Badly tortures yak. (5,6)

Roast Turkey

Anagram (badly) of ‘tortures yak’

75. Athletes mob actor Sean. (6,5)

Runner Beans

‘Athletes’ = RUNNERS ‘mob’ ‘actor Sean’ = BEAN

76. Ingredient of pies - a gelatine. (4)


Embedded in (ingredient of) ‘pieS A GElatine’ = SAGE

77. Sally, Adrian, & Nicholas appear briefly in front of French Department. (6,7)

Salade Ni├žoise

‘Sally, Adrian, & Nicholas appear briefly’ gives SAL ADE NIC ‘in front of’ ‘French Department’ = OISE

78. Amos is captured by special forces. (7)


‘Amos’ = AMOS ‘captured by’ ‘special forces = ‘SAS’

79. London hotel taxi first back at guests’ entrance. (5,7)

Savoy Cabbage

‘London Hotel’ = SAVOY, ‘taxi’ - CAB, ‘first’ [letters] of ‘back at guests’ entrance’ = BAGE

80. Rip-off ratio? (6)


‘Rip-off’ = SCAM, ‘ratio’ = PI

81. Whisky, for example, before golf. (6,3)

Scotch Egg

‘Whisky’ = SCOTCH, ‘for example’ = EG, ‘before’ ‘Golf’ = G [in the phonetic alphabet]

82. Got on stage. (9,3,2,5)

Scrambled egg on toast

[Reverse clue] ‘Got on stage’ is an anagram (SCRAMBLED) of EGG ON TOAST

83. A mischievous little person is surrounded by corrupt liars for using... (4-7,5)

Self-Raising Flour

‘A mischievous little person’ = ELF ‘is surrounded by’ anagram (corrupt) of ‘liars for using’ = S RAISING FLOUR

84. Should blame us for confusion without us being present? (8,2,4)

Shoulder of lamb

Anagram (confusion) of ‘Should blame us for’ ‘without’ ‘us’

85. A soap kit somehow contains a cooking vessel. (11)


Anagram (somehow) of ‘A soap kit’ = S AKOPITA ‘contains’ ‘cooking vessel’ = PAN

86. Nips back half-aching. (7)


‘Nips back’ = SPIN, ‘half aching’ = ‘ACH

87. Tear apart something found back in the hair of a Cockney’s head. (5,3,4)

Split Tin Loaf

‘Tear apart’ = SPLIT, ‘something found… …in the hair’ = nit ‘back’ giving ‘TIN’, ‘a Cockney’s head’ = LOAF [rhyming slang: loaf of bread = head]

88. Sing about young goat in punt a keen daddy steered. (5,3,6,7)

Steak and Kidney Pudding

‘Sing’ = SING ‘about’ ‘young goat’ = KID ‘in’ anagram (steered) of ‘punt a keen daddy’ = TEAK AND NEY PUDD

89. Merry jab thrown after warts returned. (10,3)

Strawberry Jam

Anagram (thrown) of ‘merry jab’ = BERRY JAM ‘after’ ‘warts returned’ = STRAW

90. Son corners naughty bakery cat. (7,5)

Streaky Bacon

‘Son’ = SON ‘corners’ anagram (naughty) of ‘bakery cat’ = TREAKY BAC

91. Costa product. (5)


Anagram (product) of ‘Costa’

92. Arrogant, back to front, and academic level downgraded. (8)


‘Arrogant back to front’ gives tarrogan ‘academic level downgraded’ means swap ‘A’ [level] with ‘O’ [level] giving TARRAGON

93. Curled toes round composer. (9,7)

Tournedos Rossini

Anagram (curled) of ‘toes round’ = TOURNEDOS, ‘composer’ = ROSSINI

94. Goat maybe served without seasoning? (8,6)

Unsalted butter

‘Goat maybe’ = BUTTER, ‘without seasoning’ = UNSALTED

95. Redraft evil social plan. (4,10)

Veal Scallopini

Anagram (redraft) of ‘evil social plan’

96. Queen’s odour (Elizabeth the First). (8,6)

Victoria Sponge

‘Queens’ = VICTORIA S, ‘odour’ = PONG, ‘Elizabeth the first’ = E

97. Race ‘M’ organised under instruction from 9 Downing Street. (7,5)

Whipped Cream

Anagram (organised) of ‘Race M’ = CREAM ‘under instruction from 9 Downing Street [the Whips’ Office]’ = WHIPPED

98. Organise a big web cheat (5,7)

White Cabbage

Anagram (organise) of ‘a big web cheat’

99. Complete Lamb, a Deer: cooked! (9,5)

Wholemeal Bread

‘Complete’ = WHOLE + anagram (cooked) of ‘lamb a deer’

100. Cook hog in portable building. (7)


Anagram (cook) of ‘hog’ = OGH ‘in’ ‘portable building’ = YURT

Apologies for the mistake on No.92!


  1. Wow, what a quiz. Many Congrats on setting a quiz that made my brain ache, but in a good way. It really stretched me. Cannot wait for the next one! Best of luck for your fund raising, hope you reach your target.

  2. What a great quiz, really enjoyed the challenge. Like MillerCham it made my brain ache but cannot wait for the next one. Hope the next helps you reach your target.